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A blog of sorts.  Car blog.
Check out where wings, fake dubs, and fart tips are all the rage..
Check out the 8 inches of rain in one hour.
Yup, I used to skate bigtime.   Check it out here.
Here is the page for installations and information about the Z24 and more.
Domestic Disturbance Car Club-My old car club-going strong
61506 full car shots w/ 2z4 bumper, hood pins, and all around shots
Bumper swap for the 'blu.
81506 interior, muffler, and gauge pod shots
90106 c/f hood shots w/ modded tail shots
See the latest mod list for the car Updated regularly.
100806 full car shots and DIS shots
See some of the time slips I've accrued
Updated pics 111206 gauge pod and Eibach swaybar set
Updated pics 112406 hoodpin and new rims
Updated pics 121706 front lip, MSD box location, and Nexo mod
Updated pics 11507 Clean engine shots
Updated pics 21107 Just bought Paseo pics w/some Cavi
Click for my Paseo Page
Pics of the new TTR engine mount, Cavy shots.
1993 Toyota Paseo. My daily driver and toy.
One of my first sig I ever made.   MSPaint ftw.
New updates-out of storage pics
101007 trunk cleaning, rewiring, and carpet pulling
The 'blu's 2007 makeover.
101807 carpet installed and rear suspension dropped
Some ideas and new stuff for the Cavy.
102107 Old struts dropped and cleaning begins
102507 Rear suspension and bracing is finally done.
102607 Rear seats are in and rear is dropped
103007 Modified front strut brace
110107 Subframe is removed, struts are on.
110207Wheelwells cleaned, O2 sensor installed, swaybar modded
111107 The finished suspension and final pics of the car
Prototype oil cooler location, some emblems
My Projects.  My toys.
120207 condenser removal, crashbar removal
121507 oil cooler installation w/ reinstallation of front bumper.
New pics of the 'blu update.
New pics of the 'blu and some custom DIS work.
Oil gauge install and some nice pics.
25mm whell spacers installed and some 'blu pictures
History, Faqs, How-To's, and More
New rims for the 'blu and good pictures
My newest sig
Mini-Me wing removed
New RK sideskirts install and TTR K-brace pics.
My possible new Honda CRX.
Updated pics with the Nexo's back on.  More to come soon.
Some random pics of the lip spoiler and Cavy.
Fuel pressure gauge is installed and some engine shots
Houston trip 7/25/08
Houston trip 7/26/08 Saturday night life.
Bumper swap for the 'blu.
Part one of this update.  C/f hood w/ new bushings
Part 2
Just some random pictures of the car with the c/f trunk.
TTR K-brace and custom V-brace install
Brake duct work and a not so good fitting exhaust install
Interior gutting with bracing added to the interior. Part 1 of 2
Part 2.  Custom B-pillar brace is complete with custom trunk wall installed
Seans 2003 Nissan 350Z Enthusiasts Package
12 ton press build, fire extinguisher install etc.
Shaved and tinted lights with vinyl.
Silicone hoses
Misc. updated pictures of interior, headlights, etc.
California trip to school for two months
MRZ products shown with custom fm antenna
V-brace bidge mod, strut bar mod, and axle getting ready
New hubs, caliper brackets, and friends 1SV
Axle is complete with new engine mount pictures
Brake lines added to rear disc swap
Wilsood kit install and tow hook too.
Wilwood install on the car
Atomic exhaust is here
Wideband gauge install and others
Camber plates and pillow ball mounts
HPT wiring page.
Miscellaneous updates.
Battery relocation etc
Battery relocation and custom shoes
1986 Porsche 944 n/a 8v
Home Depot lip and Steigmeier M45 for the 'blu
Rear bumper removal and more