{Houston Trip w/ Chad}
{Checking out the Houston car scene with GM of Houston}
This is Mark, leader of the GM of Houston and good friend.  Nice to meet you man.
Nice second gen Eclipse, turbo'd, and well laid out.
A pair of Eclipses GST's.   Nice rides and some of my favorite second gens.
2008 Cobalt SS Turbocharged
Davids Cavalier with Ecotec.
Nice MazdaSpeed MX5.  All stock and wouldn't mind owning one at all.
Subaru Legacy.  These cars are never seen in Mississippi.  This is the nicest one I've seen.
Nice combination of paint color and rim color.   Yes, I'd rock this.
Same Suby with one of the few black painted FMIC's I've seen.   Nice and stealthy.
Nice Nissan 240 with KA24DE engine.
Nice clean 240 with JDM fender flares, and nice engine layout.
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution .Nicely done and clean.
I love Evolutions.  A true boy racer car that just evokes the SpeedRacer in all of us.
The new Mitsubishi Lancer.   Soo sexy.
Evo X ftw.   So sinister looking in this picture.
Marks nice Grand Am and semi project car.   Looking good Mark.
Two Supras.  One n/a and the other turbocharged.   Nice drool material.
Mark, his wife, and the little one.   Great family and wonderful people.   Love the Houston shirt Mark.  lol
Oh yeah, Supra turbo.   This one was a mild build but a clean car nonetheless.
The Supras are such beauties with a beast that lies within.  Even the n/a evokes emotions.
Nice but a little blurry night shot without flash.  I've not got a monopod for better night pics.   Nice pair of Supras btw.
General overview of the happenings on Friday night.   I love Houston.
Really nice GST Mitsu.  Huge turbo manifild promising some serious power.   Nice build.
Scion TC with TRD supercharger and TRD exhaust.  A very unheralded ride by many.
Nice shot of the centrifiugal supercharger by TRD.  Nice factory setup with some power to go with the sexy body of the Tc.
One of my favorite Celicas ever.  Nice factory setup and one of the stiffest factory chassis you can buy.  Nice.
Very nice and clean DelSol.  A little JDM on the car and well laid out.  One of the better looking cars on Friday night.
R32 Nissan Skyline.  This wasn't the best rendition of an R32 but still a nice ride.
Poor rim choice with bad offset made this R32 a car that could've been better laid out.   But hey, it's a Skyline.
*Drools*  Right hand drive for the win.
Bad ass Supra.   It supposedly is running 1000hp with the twin turbo setup.
Friday night lights with a heavy Houston car scene.  I'll be back Houston only this time, with my ride.  :D