{Houston Part Deaux}
{7/26/2008 Saturday night happenings in Houston}
Only in Texas and in the La Quinta Inn.
Some of the sky line of the Houston city.
More of the Houston skyline.
This picture approved by Chad.  lol    Chad, Josh, and Josh' Mom.
Josh and his Cavalier, getting it ready for cruising Saturday night.
Chads awesome Solstice GXP at Josh' house.
Nicks badass Talon AWD with the 4G63 engine, turbo'd.
Nice FMIC with the Talon.  Perfect sleeper car if the fmic were to be painted black.
Nick and Chads car at Josh' house.
Josh, Chad, and Nick.
Slvg' car with some serious dark tint.  Nick, Josh, and David behind Marks car.
I'm not sure who's Cavalier this is but it's nice.
King Cavy's Cavalier.
Another view of KingCavy's car.
A nice Cobalt.
Nice Cavalier owned by a sweet looking little lady.  :D
Nice VDub.  VR6 ftw.
Cobalt SS.
Nice.  Drools.
I love these rims on this Cobal.  Nice and they'd look good on the 'blu.
A couple of GXP's ftw.
Pretty awesome looking.  The red is auto and Chads is stick.
Chad and most of the GM of Houston.
Marks wife on the phone, Greggs girl on his Cavy, and the group.
Mark, Josh, Nick, and Greggs back side.  lol  Great time in Houston and the street scene.
More of the same.
Widebody 350 Z and unlike anything I've ever seen driving the streets.  Nice.
The real deal and NOPI quality all the way.
Nice EG Civic doing the JDM theme.  Eat your heart out Sean.
Nice Celica with the exception of the factory rims.   I'd rock it.
Our group with Nick, Chad, and Josh in the background.
Very nice MazdaSpeed3.  Ultra nice and rare to see such a nicely done ride.
Ultra clean Acura 3.2TL.   Nice and old school in Houston.
Last pic of some of the guys from the GM of Houston car club.  Nice to meet all of you.