{Kevins Badass SRT-4}
{A work in progress}
Kevins nice SRT-4 project.
Huge intercooler displays what lurks under the hood.
Stock appearing interior hides the electronical genius of engine management and accessories.
Custom traction bars give this ride a straight and narrow launch.  Nice and sweet setup.
Gorgeous side exit exhaust also showing the wiring of the relocated batter under the body.
Another view of the side exit exhaust which sounds so good.   You can really hear the turbin whine with this setup.
The best part of the car, the engine.  Custom log intake manifold and only 3 in the world that were made.
Custom GT38 turbo with custom downpipe, and custom turbine for spool starting at 2800 rpm.
Custom cam gears, engine mount, and Aeromotive afpr.   Alot of the wiring has been worked by me to make this car reliable and fast.
Very nice Perrin fuel rail for the Srt.
Last pic of Kevins beast.  High 11 to low 12 second quarte mile times are done with ease.   Much more to come.