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{Oil cooler is installed and mounted.  Front bumper is on again.}
Berh oil cooler is installed onto the crash bar.  Threads are tapped using aluminum mounts and stainless hardware.
Front and upside down view of the installation.  It came out perfectly and better than expected.
Top view showing the great installation.  Very solid too.
Closeup view of the aluminum bracing.  Very strong design and not going anywhere.
Crashbar is installed.  hood latch is removed and put away for the future.
A nice view of what it's supposed to look like.  Again, it came out better than expected.
Another view of the Behr cooler from a Mercedes TurboDiesel engine.
Looking down from above.  Lines will be hooked up soon and once I get the order in.
Getting closer to being finished.  Looking good and clean without all of the brackets and assemblies.  Weight reduction ftw.
Notice the relocated horn for the car?
Test fitting the bumper and am loving the fact that the bumper fits so much better with the proper crashbar.  Amber bumper lens are in also.
Another nice shot of the better fitting front bumper.  It looks so much better and about time.
I used a die to thread the corner lens and bumper lens.  No more broken tabs with it being done like this.
Here you can see the wingnut I used along with the tap & died threading on the tabs.   It's so much better now with the threaded ends.
Front bumper is on, revealing the nice open area ahead of the radiator.
Front view of the bumper.  A better fit with the new crashbar.
Underside view of the front bumper.
Another view of the front bumper.
My latest engine shot.  Looking good without the a/c equipment in it.
Amber lens are back on with new corner lens, sporting amber lights too.
Great shot of the c/f hood.