{Makeover page One}
{The Makeover begins}
The trunk is cleared of it's carpet, cleaned up, and ready for new carpet
Minor rust but in good shape.  Nice and clean.
Some minor rust again but nothing but clean.   New carpet awaits.
Cleaned up wiring and loomed for that factory look.
More cleaned up wiring with everything loomed for the show car circuit.  New carpet will cover most of it.
Old carpet out, cleaned up the floor, and removed all of the liners.
Drivers side showing a nice clean floor pan.  It's never been cleaner.
The old carpet showing the abuse of the previous owner.  Rare blue color will be missed.
First step to installing the new carpet.  Custom cut for fit.
Very nice carpet by ACC.  Auto shifter to be replaced with manual soon.
Rear suspension layout.  This is the before pics.
New Eibach components to be installed with a good cleanup of the area.
Really dirty.  It'll look new once I'm done with it. Rear suspension upgrade going in soon.