{Makeover Page 10}
{Condenser removal, crash bar swap}
Here's the bumper removed for the condensor removal and oil cooler install.
This is for all to see where the cold air is coming from.
A better view of the K&N filter I use.  Oversize for sure.
Here's the removed front bumper from towing the car.  Dead fuel pump.
Finally a good comparison between the Z24 crashbar and the 2.2 crash bar.
Z24 crashbar removed and getting it ready for the 2.2 bar.
Headlights removed for condenser removal.  A/c is out so I'm getting rid of it.
Latch assembly plate and old crashbar.
Condenser removed from the car.  It's wide open now for the oil cooler.
The oil cooler and crash bar are painted in semi-gloss black.   Here, I'm getting ready to mount up the two for installation onto the car.
Another view of the brackets being used to mount the oil cooler onto the crash bar.  Aluminum brace and stainless hardware are being used for this.