{Rims and tires are on with rear seats in}
Picture shows the 14mm spacers doing their thing.  Nice look and right.
Finally dropped the car and not as much wheel gap.  Prolines ftw.
Another view showing the wheel sitting in the well perfectly. 14mm spacers ftw.
Front before the drop.
Picture shows how much the rear has been dropped.  Nice.
Backseat finally reinstalled.  New carpet and clean floor mats look great.
The rear end and how much lower she sit.  I'm very happy with the Eibach Prolines.
New carpet is in and looking good.
Drivers side showing with some minor wrinckles showing in the well.  Can't always get perfection.
Passenger side shown.  The carpet came out really clean.
Finished product and looking really good.  I'm happy with this.  Very happy.