{MakeoverPage 8}
{Wheel wells are cleaned, swaybar modified, and O2 installed}
Cleaned up the wheel well real good and looking good.
Another view of the clean well.
Ultra clean and almost too clean to put on the road.  lol
Another view of the clean wheelwell.
My O2 sensor mod from 1 wire factory to this 4 wire conversion.
These are the two screws that bolt up the steering rack.  They had to be modified for the swaybar
This endlink had to be cut so that it wouldn't hit the CV boot.
Filed to suit and repainted.  This should work nicely.
another view of the modified endlink.
The finished subframe w/ swaybar installed.  New D brackets too.
Last view of this before it goes onto the car.
DarkStars great picture of the subframe showing all the locations of where to work.