{Makeover Page 9}
{The finishing steps and completion pictures}
Subrframe is reinstalled with aluminum control arms on too.
Full view of everything on the front end.
The control arms look so sexy.  All nice and clean under the car too.
Full view of the underside of the car.
Drivers side view of the control arm setup.
Passenger side view of the setup.
Notice the control arms being near parallel to the ground.  That's optimum for a good suspension layout.
Passenger side view of the car on the ground.  Near optimum suspension layout.
The results of all of the work.
No more 4x4 looks to the 'blu.
The car handles great with little to no body roll.
The front end sits nice and low now.  Great looking stance.
My pride and joy.
One of my favorite pics.  Nice and shiney.  A real showcase.
Chads Eco powered Cavalier, home from school break.
My baby and Chads work in progress.
Chads Cavy and my baby.  We're not done yet with our cars.