{Shaved Headlights}
{Shaved and tinted yellow for that JDM look YO.}
Before this is done, you need to cut off the nipple offof the headlights.  Shave down smooth and sand.
Once sanded, wet sand with 1000 grit to smooth it out nicely.   Polish with a compunt so achieve clarity.
Once smooth, cut the vinyl to the approximate shape needed.  Use a heat gun, squeegie, and some soap water to apply the vinyl.
Apply the vinyl to the light using the heat gun to mold and shape the vinyl to the light.  Don't get it too hot or it'l melt the vinyl.
The finished product and probably the first to do it on a Cavalier.  Now I hope it lasts.
So here's a comparison of the lights.  I like it.
I really like this look.
Another comparison pic between the yellow and clear.
On stands and looking good.  Now to finish it up.
With 2500k bulbs through the tint.
With 2500K bulbs but clear.