{Update 10-19-2008}
{More chassis bracing. Part 1 of 2}
Rear seat removal and modifications ensues.  1/2 the bracing is done and came out nice.
Floor mounting where the seatbelts once were.  These should prove strong enough to make this work.
Here's how I tied it all together at the b-pillar.  Slight modifications still needed but for the most part, complete.   L-bracket is ready for b-pillar brace.
Close up view of the l-bracket.  Some modifications needed once the parts come in for the b-pillar brace.
Full view of the rear. Back wall is in the plans and full carpet for the floor that is not already carpeted.
Opposite side view. Once the b-pillar brace is done, all that's left is the fender braces.
I removed the black vinyl on the inside of the rear window.  Looks more airy and brighter.