{Update Page 10-4-2008}
{Brake cooling ducts and an exhaust change, of sorts.}
Brake cooling ducts in the lip ftw.
Here you can see the caliper through the duct.
Opposite side.  I'll eventually do this another way but until then, this will work and make the ducts functional.
Aimed straight at the caliper even though the tire will be in the way most of the time..
Opposite side.
Another view of the bracing of the chassis.
The new exhaust that I thought would be good for the 'blu.
Here are some of the things I'll need to do this exhaust.
My first cut of the pipe.
Here you can see the difference between the exhausts.
My makeshift work to try to make this work.
Here you can see the piping touching the gas tank.  Poor design in the bends.
A completely useless hanger and notice the piping by the bracket.
Notice how close the pipe is to the brake line.
The muffler is so big that it hits the bumper cover and supports.
Here it is but I may have wasted 200 bucks for this exhaust.  Stay tuned.