{Update 1/13/08}
{New Cavy pictures for 2008}
Nice shot of the rear of the car.
Redone engine shot showing it to be a little cleaner looking with ignition wires rerouted.  Nice and clean looking.
Front end shot showing the yellow headlights and front.
I love this shot.  Very nice looking and a favorite for me.
Both cars together.  I'm getting ready to cruise with the 'blu.
Nice side shot of the car.
Another shot of the car.
Front shot with the 'seo in the rear of the picture.
Great engine shot.  Finally some daylight pictures.
My favorite place to take a picture.
Parking garage shot.  Another opportunity to get some decent shots.
Great shot here.  Cars looking good.
Love the ass shot with the 'blu.  Nice boooty.
Smooth ride.  It's all mine.
Last shot of the update.