{Update 4-18-08}
{Wings West Mini-me wing reomoved}
Wingless wonder.  Here's the holes that were left behind.
More pics of the holes left behind.
Passenger side holes.  Most holes are from the oem spoiler.
As it site without.   I like it this way.  It's a nce change.
Another view of the the car sans wing.
Look ma, no wings.
A holey trunk but it'll eventually be raplaced.
A better view of how the car looks.  Now, it's so clean.  I like it.
The wing is now up for sale.  Last pictures of it.
Side veiw showing recently installed stainless steel screws for the emblem.
Another view of the wing.  Last pics.  I'll miss this wing for sure.
Underside view showing the third brake lite which is functional.
Underside view showing it's mounting points and original silver color.