{Update 9-27-2008}
{Carbon Fiber trunk is installed, rear trailing arm bushings are in}
Level Zero Motorsports rear trailing arm bushings.
Stainless steel inserts with grooves to hold grease for the bushings.  Nice touch.
Here's the full setup.  Two piece design for ease of installation.  Thank you for doing this Level Zero Motorsports.
Carbon fiber brake reservoir cover and billet cap.  Nice touch for the underhood bling.
Another view.  This does a nice job of covering the unsightly reservoir.
For those doing the sunfire tail swap, you need to remove the studs from the cover so that they don't interfere with the fit.
Another view of the Sunfire tail with the studs removed.
I've tapped all of the studs that hold the tails and Sunfire piece for better hold and keep the studs from breaking.
Here is what the stud looks like before the tap.  These never hold up with the cheap GM caps they use.
Here is what the tapped stud looks like.  It'll now take a 5/16 nut for a perfect fit every time.
Firts pictures of the carbon fiber trunk. This thing is so much lighter than the factory trunk.
This trunk was originally owned by Ryan or DarkStars, hence, the GTC or Gay Tan Cavy.  I'm keeping the GTC emblem for sentimental reasons.
Another view of the trunk showing the carbon fiber layout.  It's not perfect but I really don't care.  Effective weight reduction counts with me.
Yes it's spoilerless.  I'm keeping it that way.  I tried to modify the trunk springs but to no avail in any way I tried.
This is the trial fitment of the Sunfire section.  I really like this look with the carbon fiber.
The GTC.  In loving memory of DarkStars ride.