{Update Page 11/01/2008}
{Rear seat removal, custom b-pillar brace, and custom trunk area wall}
Interior sans rear seats.  Weight savings gone haywire.
Good picture showing the custom bracing with custom trunk wall.
My best work yet.  Super solid bracing for the chassis.
A closeup view of the bracing used to make the b-pillar bar.
This is where the support bars are being mounted.  These are the old seatbelt mounts which are more than strong enough to hold.
Custom wall made using Komatex Sintra PVC foam which is light in weight but very supportive.
Another view of it all.  I've still got to clean up the vinyl and carpet the bare portions.  That's coming soon.
Solid trunk bar helping to make the chassis very stiff.  Great mod.
Kind of a front view from outside of the car.  It looks pretty hot and is very functional.
The cars a bit dusty but the interior looks pretty hot.