{Update 4-21-2009}
{Jose's 1SV, painted wheel hubs, painted caliper brackets, and camber}
2003 Chevy Cavalier 1SV
A little dirty but a nice ride nonetheless.
1SV and 350Z, nice pic.
Nice interior for Jose's ride.
Decent rims and very nice tires.
Jose's turbo setup.  Nice Ebay find.
50 trim t3/ t4 turbo.
Ebay turbo and not bad looking at all.
Ingalls engineering camber discs for the rear of the car.
New Timken wheel hubs just painted.
Not bad for a rattle can paintjob.
Another view of the hubs.
Ford blue from Duplicolor engine paint.  Ceramic based.
Neon caliper brackets getting painted.
Here you can see the machining done to accomodate the J-body.