{Update 4-4-2009}
{V-brace bridge redo, front bar supplement, axle preparation for install}
Taking the old bridge and making a more sturdy, new unit.
Measuring up ftw.
Holes finally drilled and perfectly.
Finished product and ready for install.
Installed and stronger than the previous one.
Full view of the improved bridge.
Close up view.
Here you can see how effective the bridge is for the subframe.
Painted strut reinforcement bar.
Another view of the bar installed.  Love this.
Still another view of the bar.
Non flash view of the engine bay.  Shiney paint.
Axle being prepped for reinstallation.
Once the paint is dried, bushings go in and it's back on the car.
I just redid my intake because the other wouldn't go back the same.
New elbow had to be used with a full 90 degree bend.
Full view of the intake now sporting T-clamps.
Overhead view of the new setup.
Factory backing plate that needs to be trimmed.
Inside view of how much has to be cut and ground down.
Here it is cut down and looking good.
Another view of the axle cut for the Neon brackets to fit.
Nice beveled eges.
Painted and finished.  Now for installation.
finished axle and ready for the bushings to be installed and on the car.