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060804  The new brakes have been installed on the car. Here is the page with all of the information showing all of the
steps I did to install them.  Some before and after pics too.   The brakes work great and are a nice upgrade to the
             Oil and tranny cooler have been removed as they don't work on the car and the person that sold them to me can
rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.   For the 200+ bucks spent for the items, should've been honest with me 
about them not working.   
             I won my first trophy for a car show in the Hattiesburgh area at the Whitley car show.  
             I went back to the track and ran a best of 15.86 with some nice 2.25 60' times.  I'm still doing the cai/ wai intake   testing and will have the final results in a week or so.   Stay tuned
06/16/04 Iinstalled my MOMO hood pins on the car and looks great.  They are stainless steel and even went through the  motion of polishing them too. 
             Thanks to Mark at the DSC Tunerhaven for the prod to get this done and make the car look a little more aggressive.  
             Track time yielded some better times and a tenth faster with about an average of 2-3 mph at the traps. 
             Here is the article for the cool air intake/ warm air intake comparison and here are some pictures of the hood pin installation with instructions.  
            Used IDI cover is coming in and am going to polish it for upcoming car shows.  New hi flow cat injectors are coming too.   They will be 350cc injectors and not the 250cc that come stock.   New carpet is in the works and a 2600 stall speed convertor is on the books too.    Stay tuned. 
07/01/04   Bad news.  The 1986 Z24 that started the love for the z24's is now gone.   I had to sell the car as the new place I'm living didn't have enough garage space for me to continue to work on the car.   I will sorely miss the '86 as it was one of the first sport compacts to really have some power to be a car you would really want to drive, especially back in the mid 80's.
            Moving into a new house has left me a bit weary.   I can't work on the car and do the things I want to right now and with AutoFest car show coming up, can't get the car ready to enter.   I guess I'll sit this one out too. 
            I'm ready to get back into paintball but am having a tough time trying to support a team all by myself.   With Sean and Kenneth not getting jobs this summer, may have to let them sit while I play on.   With higher rent now and higher gas prices, makes it really tough to do tournaments, much less just play recball.  Time will tell but I know one thing, I will be playing.  
            IDI cover has arrived and the injectors are in too.    See you next time.  
07/08/04  The '86 was picked up by the junkyard today from Barry's-U-Pullit.   I got a whole 40 bucks for the car and am still sad to have gotten rid of it.
           Nothing much for the 'blu, just been getting ready for kicking some butt in paintball again, once I get the money to play. 
           After investing 1200 dollars into my paintball gun and more upgraded equipment, should have the weapon to be a better shooter and keep up with the big boys. 
07/28/04 New carpet is on the way from AccuMats and will be black in color.   Since the factory blue carpet is so messed up from the previous owners, got into a group purchase to get my new carpet.'
          I haven't done much to the car except to keep it clean and running good.  
          We're finally playing paintball again this weekend and can't wait. 
See you next time.
08/19/04  Whoa, it's been a long time posting.   I've just been too busy with the Paintball Team and doing work for PaintballTourney.com correspondents work for the state of Mississippi.   This website is for paintball tournament listings for all over the world and will be THE website for tournament, fields, and store listings for all of the world to see and find.
         Carpet has arrived and is much lighter than the factory carpet and doesn't have the sound deadening to weigh it down.    It will be a bit louder in the car but don't care as the weight savings will be worth it. 
         Vacation is coming up and will work on the tranny, installing the carpet, removing the factory fog lights for better air flow to the radiator and brakes, and getting an estimate on getting some mandrel bends added to the exhaust or just replacing with a 2.5 inch exhaust for the car.  
         This vacation is all about paintball and working on the 'blu.   Later.
09/02/04 Well, working on the car is over for now.   I'm investing everything into paintball and the team as we are looking to play in the big league.  I'm getting more return with my investment in paintball right now and am looking to work up to a 5man team for next year with the prospects of going to 7 for the following year.   It's not over for the 'blu though. 
I'll keep the pages up for now and see how things go.     The 'blu is never forgotten, just set aside..........
10/22/06  Yup, it's been that long since I've updated.   It's about time.
    Alot has happened since my last post so trying to fill the page with what's up would be futile.
    I will update you with this much.    I'm modifying a set of aluminum control arm from a 1999 Alero.   They're a perfect fit with the exception of them being about a 1/2 inch longer.  Accu-Fab and Construction of Pascagoula is welding in the holes where the ball joints are so that I can them shorten the control arms and redrill them for a new set of ball joints. 
    Prothane bushings are on the way for the control arms and I'm working on a factory set as well just in case the aluminum units don't pan out.  
    Eibach front and rear swaybar are on the way along with another 2 pod gauge pod for the a-pillar.   This pod will house the eventual AEM Uego wideband controller and another future and necessary gauge. 

    Since I''ve slacked off of the paintball, I'm divesting full interest into the car with all monies being spent on parts to make the car what I want.   Again, it's been a long time coming but am glad to start on this once again.
    Stay tuned for further updates on what's happening.
01/19/05 It was time to post so here goes.
I've just changed the oil, changed the tranny fluid with new fluid, checked all of the suspension hardware on, under and in the car to make sure that all is ok after 141,000 miles accrued.    Since tightening the suspension in the rear, noticed less noise and squeaks in the rear.  Same with the front of the car.   I tightened the front sway bar and got the  endlinks the way they are supposed to be, tight.   The car is running great, couldn't be better.  
Paintball is in all the way still but thought I'd post.   Thanks to Dominic for the camber kits you sent me, you rock man.
I'll post again soon.
09/07/08  Update, finally.
     The car is in storage for the past year with me taking it out to drive every now and then.  The makeover of the car is pretty much complete but it's not the end of what's being done with the car.
     Right now, parts are gathering again such as full 2.5 inch mandrel, stainless steel exhaust system, catch can installation, Neon rear disc brake conversion, and several other things that will make the 'blu better than what it is now.
     I've just purchased a nice fully modded race head from John Lenko, ready for installation whenever I can get to rebuilding the eingine.  This head should prove nice in a possible turbo application.
     The car has accrued 196,000 miles on it now with more miles on the way.   I finally broke my 1/8 mile record at Irvington 1/8 mile track with a 9.323 time on a cold evening at the track.   The car ran really strong and loved the cold, dry air that was available that night.
     I'll try to keep this updated as more things are done.

11/28/08  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.    It's time for another update to the page. 
    Alot has happened since the last time I posted in the blog so I'll try to keep it short.   Right now, I'm really frustrated with working on the rear axle, trying to remove the trailing arm bushings with poly units that I've bought.   The rubber that GM has used for the rear bushings is a remarkably strong rubber and not even easy to remove much less trying to extract the bushings from the axle.  
    In other news, I've developed a prototype V-brace for the chassis in which the subframe is connected to the frame rails alongside the underbody of the car.   I've also designed and fabbed up a B-pillar brace in my quest to have a superior chassis and that too has been reinforced with triangulated bracing to the rear seat belt bolts for additional stiffness. 
    Rear seats have been removed for additional weight savings and carpet has been installed to cover up the bare floor where the rear seats once were.  
    I also added a rear deck that utilizes a third brake light so that the car  can be a bit more legal with the po po. 
    So as it sits, the car is on 4 jack stands for the axle to be finished and the Neon discs to be purchased and installed also.   The Neon kit I already have but still need the caliper, rotors, and a couple of other things to complete the swap. 
    I also bought an exhaust that was supposed to hole me over until I rebuild the engine but it turned out to be a piece of junk.   The exhaust didn't fit whatsoever and am now stuck with 200 bucks worth of stainless steel piping that is completely useless.  My bad.     
    So now there is going to be a group purchase on the JBO for a new, mandrel bent, custom fit exhaust that I'll be purchasing in the next couple of weeks. 
    That's it for now and hope everybody has a great Holiday Season.   Merry Christmas and Happy New Yeear. 

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Finally an update for anyone that may be actually viewing this page.  lol
The car is finally coming together and it won't be long that it'll be on the road again.
I've got all the battery relocation  work just about complete with only me having to wire in the battery box for the poitive and negative cables into the box.
Once that's done, I've got to run the lifeline setup along with an extra ground for grounding out the car.

Once that is done, all I'll have left is to get the exhaust done and installed.
I think I'm going to  use the full over axle setup but there won't be a muffler on it until I hit a muffler shop to have one welded on.
The car is going to be catless with a full 2.5 exhaust from the header to the rear of the car.  
More to come and who knows, I may even have more updates here.     We'll see.