11/24/06 hoodpin install and new     Nexo rims, 16x7 w/ 42mm offset
Just installed these hoodpins on the carbon fiber hood
Here you see where I installed these.  It's a great location
Here's the passenger side of the mounted peg.  There's a hole already there you can use.
Headlight modification for the pegs.  Easy to do.
Driver side headlight mod.  Looks super good and custom.
Plastic cover modified to work with new hood pin.
The finished product.   Now the hood doesn't flutter at speed.   Love it.
The new rims. 16x7
Yeah, big wheel gap but not for long.  I love these rims.
These rims look great and once the car is dropped, will be sick.
Much better profile and brings the rims out further to the edge of the wheelwell.