[California Trip and School]
    This is my trip to Port Huaneme California for training and schooling to become a Technician in one of the systems of the DDG Destroyers from the U.S. Navy.
    This trip is 10 weeks long with lots of homework, class time, lectures, and some lab.
    These are some of the pictures that have been taken while in California so enjoy my experience while in Cali with the progress of my time away from home.

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Haha, it's me at LA int'l Airport.
Here's the picture of the airport from the shuttle.
Another view of the Airport in Los Angeles.
Off in the distance, you'll actually see the city of LA.
LA international airport is huge.  Shuttle service is the only way to go to you terminal.
Fish.  He's the other person that was elected to go to this particular school.
One of the only pictures of the mountains going to LA.
My hotel room, room 109 where I'll be living for 10 weeks.
Another view of my hotel room.
Here you can see all of the homework I've been doing.  Lots of tech manual and hours of homework.
Last view of the room with SuperBowl on the TV.
First tatoo on 2-5-2009
Team Melee ftw. Many memories with this.
Not 2 days old.   I love this tattoo.
Port Hueneme beach and some condos
Tall palm trees grace the skyline in California
Beautiful sands, piers, and water.
Beautiful mountains with radar and observatory on top of this particular one.
Street sign one block from where I'm staying.